2159 GOTTINGEN STREET, Halifax, Nova Scotia

CLIENT: GEOME Properties

2159 Materials.jpg

Location: Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

PROGRAM: Mixed Use Residential Commercial

  • Ground Floor Ratinaud French Cuisine Retail and Restaurant

  • Basement Federally approved meat processing facility for Ratinaud

  • Second Floor Ecogreen Homes Office and One bedroom rental unit

  • Third Floor 2 large luxury apartments with heavy timber mezzanines and large double height spaces.

AREA: 7,000 sq ft

HEIGHT: 3 Stories

STATUS: Completed 2016

CONSULTANTS: A-D Engineering Group, RICAS Fire Protection Engineering Ltd.

All new finishes including millwork, furniture, and windows built by EcoGreen Homes.


Ecogreen contributed to the character of Ratinaud by designing a space which displayed the existing brick, using an interior timber structure. We designed and built the entire restaurant. Including the root/stump table and the glass partition wall which makes use of an old barn door track seen in the following images.

“Ratinaud French Cuisine is a delectable French deli, offering a selection of different charcuterie (pate, rillette, sausage, dry cured meat) and take-home prepared food.” — The Coast


The 1st floor of the building is home to the Ecogreen Office. Similar to the floor below, we designed and built the entire space, including our root/stump meeting table as well as all of our desks and chairs. We also designed and built all of the millwork, floors, and windows from locally sourced materials.


All three residential units are warm and bright due to our use of large windows and plenty of wood detailing. The 3rd floor has 2 units with timber mezzanines, creating very tall ceiling heights in the living spaces and cozy sleeping quarters. Each unit on the 3rd floor contains one bedroom, one bathroom, and a large mezzanine space which opens onto a deck with a beautiful view of the harbour.

2157.59_GottingenSt_EcogreenHomes_Halifax_1 copy.jpg

Section Perspective and Elevation produced by EcoGreen Homes on ARCHICAD 21